Real estate law

Real estate law

Within the framework of its specialisation in the matter of liability law, D’Hondt de Caritat & Partners has acquired a more specific experience in:

– the examination of job and brokerage contracts, subcontracting contracts and more particularly the administrative clauses of terms and conditions, with regard to ten-year guarantees and hidden defects, insurance cover (Operational Public Liability, Ten-Year, All Risks Contractors’ Insurance, etc.) and the methods of action that may give rise to their implementation;

– the defence of the interests of project managers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, surveyors, consultant engineers, control organisations and estate agents.  Working in the interest of our clients, our firm seeks amicable and transactional resolution in this type of dispute, rather than resorting straight away to legal proceedings, which are long and gruelling to say the least since this type of dispute often requires the implementation of a prior expert report.


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