Insurance law

Insurance law

The insurance field has many areas of commercial, industrial and financial activity, and personal life.  D’Hondt de Caritat & Partners has forged a specific reputation in this matter, which it has invested in for many years, and which constitutes one of its leading specialist fields, whether relating to:

– liability insurance, including:

– corporate insurance (operating and post-delivery public liability, product liability, absolute liability, all risks contractors’ insurance, etc.), both with regard to SMEs and large companies, and world policies or multinational company policy programmes;

– professional insurance (doctors, pharmacists, notaries, solicitors, architects, estate agents, insurance brokers, etc.);

– car insurance;

– family and non-professional civil liability insurance;

– damages insurance, such as insurance linked to moveable or immovable property against the risks of loss or damage resulting from fire, theft, water damage and other related perils, as well as health care and hospitalisation insurance, etc.;

– personal insurance, namely life/death insurance (branches 21 and 23), “personal accident” or “guaranteed income” insurance, etc.

Our firm will intervene when drawing up and checking insurance cover, and also in any dispute, before the legal or arbitration courts, and in negotiations intended to iron out or prevent disputes.


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