D’Hondt de Caritat & Partners has acquired a great deal of experience in the domain of liability, in which it has forged an excellent reputation.  The firm deals with all types of case in this domain, both before the civil and criminal courts and outside of these (in arbitration, notably, but also within the framework of negotiations between parties), and among others cases of:

– professional public liability (medical and paramedical professions, pharmacists, dentists, contractors, architects, estate agents, notaries, solicitors, bailiffs, accountants, auditors, banks, credit institutions, brokers, etc.);

– public liability of small, medium and large companies in the industrial and services sectors (transport, brokerage, consultancy, etc.);

– personal public liability (individual, family, etc.);

– bodily injury following any type of accident (non-professional, of medical origin, traffic, at work, etc.);

– property damage and consequential loss;

– absolute liability;

– product liability;

– pollution and contamination of land and buildings;

– problems with neighbours


Me Régis D’Hondt

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